The Application of Smart Film on Window Glass

The Application of Smart Film on
Window Glass
The application of smart film on window glass is a fantastic way to keep your
windows bright without having to deal with window treatments. 99% of UV rays from
the sun are blocked by the film กระจก, which prevents fading of furnishings. It is perfect for
veranda windows, entrances, balconies, and even home theater screens. Here are a
few examples of how smart film works. Read on to learn more about this innovative

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It can be controlled by an electrical switch and can be opaque or translucent. The
film has a liquid crystal display that offers good contrast features and can be used
for rear projection or front projection smart film pdlc. A reflective coat can also be added for front
projection. Smart films are perfect for use on store windows because they provide
excellent UV protection and can project images on both sides of a window. And, if
you’re considering putting up a rear projection screen, smart film is the perfect
While window films have long been used to reduce heat gain and increase privacy,
the advent of smart film provides a more efficient and aesthetic solution. Some
switchable window films, like CoolVu Window Film, are battery-operated and do not
need professional installation. Many models offer many different features. Some
“smart films” do not offer UV protection or reduce solar heat gain, and most require
regular maintenance over time. While some of them may be eye-pleasing and
energy-efficient, there are some shortcomings.
Smart films can be applied to windows and doors, and they can be customized to fit
specific applications. Intelligent Glass offers self-adhesive switches that can be
applied to pre-existing surfaces. And because they’re removable, they don’t require
a clean room environment or specialist labour. However, it is essential to note that
self-adhesive switchable film does not meet all specifications for glass window

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Some smart films will yellow under UV light, making them difficult to maintain. If
they are not applied properly, they may come loose or delaminate over time. If not
installed by a qualified installer, smart films can come off easily. And, like any
window film, they are more likely to scratch than other types of windows.
Fortunately, high-quality smart films have extra protective layers to withstand the
effects of the sun. So, if you want your new window film to last, choose an installer
with extensive experience installing smart window films.
Electrochromic smart glass is another option for window treatments. Its transparent
surface can change to black or blue. However, it needs electricity to transform.
Otherwise, it remains either clear or opaque. In contrast, PDLC smart film stays clear
while electricity is present and transforms into frosted white privacy window film
when the power is shut off. This technology allows people to customize their home’s
interior with smart window films. It can even be applied to window coverings.